Sinatra Thoroughbred Racing and Breeding, L.L.C. at Berkley Farm

Sinatra Thoroughbred Racing and Breeding, L.L.C. at Berkley Farm

Customized Concierge Care In A Premier Training Facility.

Concierge Care

Equine Therapy For The 21st Century by Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine



The Equine Proscope

Top notch concierge care at our farm includes microcurrent processing treatments with the Thorp Institute Equine Proscope.  This electrical homeopathic remedy uses biomedical technology to read the responsive energy from tissues.  The intelligent bioenergetics system interprets responsive energy and sends corrective microelectric current back into tissue restoring electrical homeostasis which can help fight inflammation and speed up healing.  Microcurrent therapy is non-invasive and is performed directly through the skin by a highly trained professional therapist.


The Equine Proscope is a "State of the Art," Intelligent Micro Current device, Developed by the inventor of the Acuscope and Myopulse Technology and is used for the treatment of Horses, animals and humans. It is Equine Calibrated. It was created exclusively for John Thorp and Intelligent Bioenergetics Inc.


Dr Paddy Brown DVM endorses the use of the Equine Proscope 360 and Joins the Thorp Institute team of Equine therapists using the new breed of Acuscope and Myopulse Equine therapy the Equine Proscope 360.

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